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Howard Emery

Hello and welcome to Retirement Living website! I have happily dedicated 3 decades of my working life to the retirement living and residential care industries having directed the planning design, construction, management, and marketing of retirement homes. 
Now my experienced team and I are now available to assist you in the purchasing or selling of a retirement living home. We will plan together to achieve your expectations without the stress and worry that could occur while selling your home whilst in transition to your new way of loving life.
We look forward to you choosing us to walk with you on your journey with the assurance that we adhere to our beliefs and values with all our undertakings. 

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"Working with you, working for you"

Our Values:
Integrity – acting strictly within ethical and legislative requirements with complete disclosure to our clients and/or their representatives.
Knowledge – our team has vast experience in general real estate and of a retirement village living inclusive of the Residence Lease for Life documents unique to each village.  We will help you to understand the contents of Village Agreement.
Empathy – we understand our clients are undertaking life changing choices which carries significant legal documentation and timeframes for required outcomes. We shall be with you throughout the process, answering all your questions and offering advice where needed. 
We work in in conjunction with WA Properties Pty Ltd in selling your home in order for you to purchase your lifestyle living home.
Together we shall ensure that settlement dates of your home and your lifestyle living home are such that temporary accommodation and furniture storage will not be necessary. We will keep you fully informed of all the information and progress updates. We can arrange and/or communicate with your settlement agents on matters such as rates, taxes, finance applications etc. 
We may have an interested buyer for your home, if not we can develop a costed marketing plan to achieve the sale in a timely and successful manner. 
Thank you for taking the time to read our documents and we look forward to working with you in achieving the outcomes to meet your expectations.
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